Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Why Me?

Twice in the past few weeks I've come across this little piece of wisdom (paraphrased):

We are so quick to say "Why me?" to God when things go wrong, 
yet, when things are going well and we are surrounded by 
blessings at every turn, will you ever hear us turn to Him and ask 
"Why me?"

The subject of thankfulness has cropped up time and time again in my little corner of the world recently. I've realised I'm not great at it, and am not quick to say thank you for the things I am given. 

This new blog is following in the footsteps and deep dedication of a good friend Whitney (who you can find over at www.glimpses-of-grace.blogspot.com) who has just passed the five year mark of acknowledging moments of grace in everyday situations. I count this little experiment as a descendant of her blogventures and hope to be even a fraction as disciplined in recognizing moments of God in the little and big things. 

So basically this is an attempt to keep my eyes open to moments of God in the everyday, to remember to say "thank you" for the moments of grace and the good things that I don't deserve and yet find myself at the receiving end of anyways. 

And as Whitney has inspired me to glimpse grace in the everyday, it's my hope and prayer that these thanks and thoughts of mine can do the same to whoever stumbles on here.

Here goes...

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