Sunday, 23 October 2011

Memory Lane

I spent the day yesterday with a good good friend of mine, Karen, who is moving to New Zealand for the year in a few weeks. We were talking about an odd experience that we had years ago where we were in a chippy on Botanic Avenue in Belfast which had a DJ in it late one night. A DJ playing music just for that chippy. 

It's one of those experiences that you are never quite sure whether it really happened when looking back... We knew there was photographic proof though, so I sifted through my hard drive yesterday evening looking for the photo. I haven't found it (yet) but it was fantastic flicking through the photos laughing about things I had forgotten.

One of my favourite memories from college was when a few of us attempted to boost the numbers for the small college choir by putting posters up around the place, but we thought we'd try and make them funny, so we took these photos:

It was only once we actually started putting the posters up that we started to question whether this was a good idea...but unfortunately by then it was a little late, but it makes for a good, if not a tad ridiculous, memory...

That boost in numbers never did appear either.

So today I'm thankful for good friends, and good memories. 

I'm also thankful that my sister and nephew arrived safely in Belfast yesterday morning after a long trip across the Atlantic. I'm looking forward to heading up north for a week off and to see them later on today.

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