Tuesday, 18 October 2011

"Tom Tate of Earth, you have been chosen for the Green Lantern Corps..."

Today was one of my days off work, I'm up in Belfast at the minute and popped into a shop where I have a few comic subscriptions to pick them up. I've only met the owner once before about three weeks ago, and yet he remembered my name and that I live in Dublin. Not only that, but with my purchases he threw in this free collectors edition Green Lantern ring. A little geeky I know, but a great little bonus to make me feel valued and appreciated as a customer.

I then headed towards the cinema, there wasn't really anything on that I wanted to see, but I figured there wasn't much else going on. As I was walking there though I passed by a second hand DVD shop having a closing down sale. I got everything in this picture for a mere £5! Just over the price of a cinema ticket. Should keep me going for a lot longer than a mediocre film in the cinema...

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