Monday, 2 January 2012


Last night I was sitting in my car waiting for people to come out of the chippy.

They got in the car after I'd been sitting listening to music with the engine off for a while, and I turned the key to take us home.


A dead battery. We weren't going anywhere.

My first inclination was to race through the different scenarios in my mind, who did I know who would have jump leads? Would my emergency help insurance cover be busy, or even working on New Years Day? How long was it going to take us to get out of this mess?

My mind ran through the possibilities as I turned the key a couple more times. And from the back seat, someone suggested we pray.

She prayed under her breath and in short sentences asked for help.

No less than 30 seconds later as I was still pondering our options, the boot of the car parked in front of us pops open, and three late teenagers get out, pick out a big battery and jump cables and walk towards the car.

Stunned, I get out of the car and they ask "do you need help?" I open the bonnet, one of the guys attaches the cables, I turn the key, and the car jumps to life.

I thank the guys profusely, get back in the car, and we drive off.

All this taking place within literally two minutes of the prayer.

Now I assume that they heard me trying to start the car and thought that they'd jump out and help, but the timing, the situation, the help....all seemed very God ordained. Incredible stuff.

So this morning I'm thankful for helpful people, and for the God who led them to the place that He knew they could help out some people in need.

So as this year starts, may I learn more about relying on the God who provides and have a little more faith to maybe run to Him a little bit quicker.

(and I'm thankful for the faith of praying and faithful Argentinians, without whose example, I might still be waiting outside the chippy in Rostrevor!)

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