Monday, 2 January 2012

The Creator who Creates Creators

I was struck this morning as I read through the first chapter of Genesis.

My Bible notes sent me there, and at first I was skeptical, how many times can I read that same passage and hear something new? When I heard that internal monologue in my own head, I knew something was amiss within me, and flicked to the start with new motivation to hear something new from God.

What I heard was a reminder of the creativity of the creator.

As the story goes, He filled this planet with a spectrum of the weird and wonderful. Oceans, rivers, sky, valleys and mountains, hummingbirds, aardvarks, Venus fly-traps and the duck-billed platypus.

And then on day 6 he makes us. In comparison maybe not so impressive. We can't survive the icy cold of the arctic or the sandy heat of the Sahara with just these relatively feeble bodies,but we have something else, he made us in His image, and along with that comes the creative spark that set this universe in its place.

We are not birds, but because of this spark of inspiration and creativity we can fly through the sky to the other side of the world in a matter of hours.

We are not fish, but because we are made in his image, with great creativity and innovation we can swim underwater for hours or sink to the depths and not be crushed.

We are not all mystics, but through art, poetry and music, those who are so gifted can transport us to another place, to another plane, communicating deeper truths than words themselves can express.

So I'm thankful for the creator who creates good things, and the spark of creation that lies in each of us.

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