Thursday, 2 August 2012

Harvest comes a couple of months early.

I've been eating some good healthy food from the garden more often recently as things start ripening up and filling out (particularly the peas...I have peas coming out of my ears!) 

Here's a few pictures of things that are currently brightening up my dinner plate.

I think i might be proud.
 Broad beans. I wasn't expecting the spongey bed the beans are lying in.
 Peas. They are so sweet and delicious. This picture was a few weeks ago, they are bursting out of the pods now.
Tonight's job, digging up some potatoes. They aren't massive, but more than enough for a few dinners, and plenty still in the ground!

Gardening has been a great experience for me this year. I have loved getting out into the patch in the bright evenings, (though my joy is lessened when the job is weeding..)

Still plenty growing though. Not quite at the end of the experiment just yet! Onions, broccoli spring onions and carrots are still to come. Not to mention the sunflowers, currently standing at around 5ft. I'm singing to them to make them grow, it's a competition in church this Summer, and one I intend on winning...

If you're intrigued on the gardening front, check out the regular blogging of my garden mentor Hugh Cassidy. He's the inspiration behind me getting out this year, and the first port of call with any gardening queries. Happy reading!

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