Friday, 3 August 2012

A Very British Summer Day at Wimbledon in Pictures.

I said my day out at Wimbledon was a story for another day, and here it is. It was a bit of a rollercoaster with the rain, but an interesting day seeing at least some world class tennis.

Prepare for a little overkill... There's quite a few pictures coming up!

Walking down the road towards Wimbledon, spread out in front. Note the sun still shining and blue sky...

 We got in, and straight away saw Andy Murray warming up on the warm-up courts. 

 And then the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Federer. I had to push the womenfolk aside to get this shot.

 And then the hailstones started. That's right. Hailstones. Not just rain. This is the British summer after all, we don't do things by halves.

 With the rain on, we took our seats on Court No. 1 and waited for it to subside.
Might as well enjoy the traditional strawberries and cream at Wimbledon while we wait...

 After about an hour, the rain subsided and we were ready to go...
 Aaaaaand....before the players made it on court. More rain.

 So off we went to explore the grounds a bit. Henman Hill/Murray's Field.

Watching the action on Centre Court. Jealous of that roof...

 And we have tennis! Djokovic vs. Fognini. The Serbians vs. the Italians.
 A happy crowd on Court no. 1.

 After an hour and on a tiebreaker for the first set....we have rain.

 Back to the hill.

And eventually, around 6:30, we have blue sky! (I also forgot to take photos of the end...Djokovic won, but it was an exciting third set).

 We were hoping to see another match, Venus Williams was up next, but the ground was getting too slippy with the evening coming on. Sad to miss out on seeing her.
 Too wet to play tennis on, but not too wet to cut...? Unacceptable...
 As we walked out though, there were still a few matches nearing their end. Got to see the end of the second set of Lepchenko (USA) vs. Cepede (Paraguay)

 And I got to understand what it feels like to stand behind people taller than me. I did not enjoy it. Not just one, but 3.

And then, as night was starting to fall, all tennis was done with... Covers covered, and we headed off to get the slow train back home. Great day out at Wimbledon! Very thankful for the opportunity to get there, will definitely be applying for tickets there for next July after my day out.

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