Thursday, 12 April 2012

Many things.

Today I find myself thankful for many things.

For a Gospel reading full of hope and read with eloquence in a full church on Easter Sunday.

For Skype, and long chats across the globe with special people. 

For new life springing through the ground in the garden, and the anticipation of more to come soon!

For great nights out with age-old groups of friends..and wanderings through beautiful moss covered forests (where we helped look for a lost police dog (read: I hid behind everyone while they looked for a lost police dog)).
I'm feeling very blessed these days. It's a good week!


  1. My glob, that's an awesome looking forest! I'd love to go on an adventure there.

  2. It was pretty fantastic...! Mad mountain biking trails running through it that you'd have to be crazy to go on!