Saturday, 7 April 2012

Torn in two to make us One!

I'm just back from a camp in Ovoca Manor for 13-15 year olds run by Scripture Union. I love camps, a great opportunity to get to work as part of a team and get to know some great teenagers and help them along their journey either towards or with God. 

On Thursday night, we had a really powerful time of worshipping God together as a group, I really felt very close and intimate with our Father during the time. The next morning was Good Friday and I was reading the passage about Jesus dying and the curtain being torn in two in the temple. I realised the intimacy I had felt with God the night before was inextricably linked to what Jesus did on the cross for me on that day.

Because of what Jesus did at Easter, sinners like me can still be before God in worship. We can come before Him pure and blameless (even though we are anything but) and stand in his presence unafraid of the wages of our sin, because of the One who has paid our debt in full.

So this Easter season, I'm thankful not only for the gift of salvation which that day 2000 years ago bought for me, but for the intimacy and close relationship I can experience with God on this side of eternity which was also bought by this action.

May you too experience a glimpse beyond the curtain this Easter.

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