Saturday, 24 December 2011

One Night, One Moment

I'm a sucker for a good Christmas movie, and most of the time I'm content with the bubblegum fluff of an "Elf" or a "Santa Clause". But every now and then, one comes along with a little bit more heart.

"Nativity!" from a few years ago is one of those ones.

It's basically the story of a primary school in England that decides to put on a show-stopper of a Nativity in order to show up the local over-achieving school. Things escalate and hilarity obviously ensues. 

But it's the end of the film where we actually see the results of what they've worked on that is the crowning jewel of the film. Below is one of my favourite parts, apologies for the bad quality. Blame youtube for that...!

I love the lyrics, and it really hits home on what Christmas is really all about. 

"One night, one moment, and everything is changed."

One instance in history when everything changes. And because of that moment, as the song says "We'll never feel lonely again."

Incredible. So I'm thankful this Christmas Eve for Christmas itself, and exactly what it means, and hoping not to forget it in the busy-ness of tomorrow!

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