Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Good music

After driving from Belfast to Dublin this afternoon, with Radio 1 on the whole way, I am thankful that there are some musicians out there who make great music, unlike some of the stuff I heard this afternoon... Naming no names.........Kelly Rowland

But generally I love music. Love it. Today I'm thankful for some great stuff. 

I'm not always the best at listening to lyrics, I can often find myself parroting off words, only months later to stop and realise what I'm actually singing! But when I do, I'm glad I have. One of my favourites at the minute is a guy called Dallas Green, who goes under the pseudonym "City and Colour"... Dallas...Green... Great. 

Here's the chorus from one of the best tracks from his new album. (Link on the name.)

"How can I instill such hope,
and be left with none of my own?
What if i could sing just one song,
and it might save somebody's life?"

- City & Colour "Hope For Now"

And then, a bit of a classic at the minute, a great cover by one Mr. Bon Iver, if you listen to nothing else, make sure you listen to the piano introduction for the first 55 seconds. It's like eating a Galaxy Caramel with your ears.

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