Monday, 6 February 2012

Book Club

(I found this unpublished post from a few months ago that is fairly timely for today, as I'm starting book club this very evening...!)

A quote from John Ortberg's about embracing the things that you enjoy.

"Devote a specific day to acts of celebration so that eventually joy will infuse your entire life. One day a week eat foods you love to eat, listen to music that moves your soul, play a sport that stretches and challenges you, read books that refresh your spirit, wear clothes that make you happy, surround yourself with beauty - and as you do these things, give thanks to God for his wonderful goodness. Reflect on what a gracious God he is to have thought of these gifts."

I need to spend some time thinking about what some of those things are, but one of the things I know that I love to do is read. Read anything. You've already learnt of my love of the superhero genre in general... but I also love reading all other things, my overflowing bookcase is a testament to the diversity of my literary tastebuds. 

"There is a certain kind of writing that invites this kind of reading, soft purrs and low growls as we taste and savour, anticipate and take in the sweet and spicy, mouth-watering and soul-energising morsel words." (Eugene Peterson - Eat This Book)

I love to read, and I've realised I need to be thankful for the gift that it is to read, and that it can be a spiritual experience. That something amazing can happen between me and God, and all because of ink placed in different ways on a sheet of paper. 

So, prepare yourselves for occasional reviews and thoughts on what I'm reading, because I plan on doing some more of it.

I'm also playing around with the possibility of a real-life in-the-flesh book club in the Dublin area. If you are within driving distance of there and interested, drop me a line...

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