Saturday, 4 February 2012


In November last year I started a course that I’ll be doing for the next 18 months called the Arrow Leadership Course ( It’s a mixture of week long residentials mixed with reading inbetween those times and one-on-one meetings with a mentor monthly throughout the process.
So far I’ve been loving the experience of getting back to learning. I’m reading books I would never usually pick off the shelf, which has been a mostly positive experience so far, and hearing from wise people during the residentials. People with great answers to difficult questions! 
Expanding my mind, meeting new people in similar lines of work and learning more about what it means to do the job that I am doing while continuing to walk in step with the One who put me here in the first place.
So I’m thankful that I was put forward for this programme, and for the help that I’m getting with the fees. I am truly grateful to people and to God for the opportunity to try and continue to grow over this period.

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